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What is a Beta Male?

Beta males on the other hand wait for approval from others in order to pursue their intentionality and do not own their intentionality. They show supplication behavior to males and females and this is a demonstration of lower value (DLV). This is a turn off for the female. The male is not to ask for permission to take and do what he wants with a female, and if he does, he breaks the positive tension which is the basis for attraction that ultimately leads to love and sex.

As discussed, alpha is the gender archetype for the male. Alpha is masculinity. Masculinity is defined by the male’s focus, passion, and intensity in the four aspects of life; philosophy, love, health, and finance. An alpha male sees his primary role in life as love with a beta (feminine) female as well as the building of a perpetuity.

Beta behavior, or feminine behavior, is associated with followership. The male should endeavor to always be leading the interaction with the female and thus be displaying high value alpha behavior. The male should eliminate being a follower in the interaction with the female and displaying low value beta behavior.

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