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The Universal Outcome: Male Perspective

While there are preferences as it relates to relationships with women, the universal outcome that men desire for their life is the ability to do same night lays and then use this skill to land a beta female that you build a lifelong relationship with of passion, true love, and sex. So build the skill of the same night lay and translate that into getting a beta girlfriend and wife.

You may experiment with multiple relationships for a while but you will find that as you fall in love with one of the women, you will allocate your time and energy towards only her and move the relationship forward in the relationship process.

A woman will get into a long-term relationship with a man that she’s having with so sleep with her first and then move the relationship forward in the relationship process.

You now have standards and an outcome to work towards. Now it is time to work on the skills necessary to get you the outcome you want.

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