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The Universal Outcome: Female Perspective

Women want a man that is in control of the entire reality that they share including her. She wants a man that she cannot control and thus he must be in control of the reality they share. She tests him whether he is a challenge or supplicates. If he does not, then he must be in control of their reality. You want to leave a bit of uncertainty so there is a “I can’t tell if he is serious or not” and then not provide them the certainty. This will spike positive emotionality and cause her to chase you. Never provide the certainty or seek the certain, play in the uncertainty and lead it to sexuality over and over again. This builds true love as the two of you fall in love.

Women’s romantic fantasy is the male not asking for persmission and simply taking control of their reality and owning his intentionality sexually with her. That he takes full responsibility for the seduction of her and does so by giving her directives verbally and physically; this allows her to experience sex happening spontaneously (her fantasy is being swept away in the moment; that it’s ‘meant to be’). Don’t let her give you directives and if she does simply tease the frame. Women often will compliance test to see if they can control you. Tease them when they do it instead of complying and DHV that you are in control of your shared reality. That you don’t answer her questions (logic) directly and merely tease her that she has her list that she is looking to check the boxes for. That your interaction won’t be rooted in logic, but emotional tension, where her fantasies actually are.

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