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True Love vs. Pairbonding (Dating)

Pairbonding (Dating):
Pairbonding arose in the West as a reaction to feminism and women no-longer looking for love nor having love drives. They had career drives instead and were only looking for fun as in casual sex with different men. These women are known as alpha females. Pairbonding is also known as dating where it is a perpetual phenomena rather than something to transition to true love. Alpha females are in the West.

True Love:
In the East, women are entirely different as they are beta feminine females looking for love, are not about material possessions and value true love above all else.

Calibrating Game to the Female (Beta Female vs. Alpha Female):
The difference between alpha and beta female speaks to the importance of the calibration of game. Men when confronted with alpha females that choose to pursue a career rather than true love, decided to calibrate their game to dating multiple women where casual sex is the goal rather than true love. Calibration with Positive Sexual Tension Model refers to how hard you have to break rapport with teasing and cocky as well as how direct you go and sexual. With an alpha female, you are going to need to break rapport hard and with a beta female, break rapport gently and be more loving.

Pairbonding is for alpha females (West) and true love with one is for beta females (East). Don’t fall in love with Western women as they do not have love drives and will not reciprocate. The exception is the South of the United States in states like Texas where femininity is still cultivated in women. Western women can be fun for transactional sex interractions but are not relationship material like Eastern women. In the 21st century, the market for love is global and not just local. The larger your market, the higher your value. Take a global perspective and increase your selection choices and standards.

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