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Three Types of Men

There are three types of guys; alpha males, beta males, and jerks.


Alpha Males

Alpha males are not friends with females, they fuck them. They don’t concern themselves with a woman’s thoughts and feelings. They know that you can’t control what a woman thinks or feels.


Alpha males set themselves up as a challenge for a woman; women are attracted to a challenge, not bored.


The number one thing that women find attractive; the impression that you are a dominant man. Associate yourself to alpha traits (voice, eyes, behavior and posture) and eliminate beta traits. Dominance is assertiveness that translates into social power.


Alpha males give women space to miss them. They use positive uncertainty as their ally in spiking attraction.


Alpha males lead the interaction, saying, “Let’s go…” and taking her hand and being the decider in the relationship.


Alpha males are an expert in something (ex. Gender and male/female dynamics, investment banking etc.). They can DHV with this without having to get into logical conversations with girls.


The natural dynamic is that the female should be trying to earn the approval of the male, not the other way around.


Alpha males are sexually aggressive an go for the lay.


The alpha male is confident, social, and is a guy who has his life together.


The alpha male is able to joke around with women and be playful.


Alpha males take up space with their bodies, use a louder voice, control conversations, and use strong eye contact.


Alpha males do not put women on a pedestal. They have to earn his attention and time with good behavior (beta behavior). They never stop a woman from performing an act of generousity towards them. Simply thank her.


Alpha males give out genuine compliments and follow it up with a qualifying question.


Alpha males talk about themselves less and allow the girl to discover them along the pickup and relationship process.


Alpha males are busy. Busy with education & studying. Busy with work. Busy with entrepreneurship. Busy with writing. Busy with working out. Use the scarcity principle to increase your value to the girl. Be genuinely busy doing valuable things and she will see you as alpha.


Alpha males are unaffected by external factors and have a strong reality that permeates outward, drawing people into it. They control their perception of events and frame them in a positive way.


Alpha males think of themselves as the prize that women are lucky to be with and have to earn with her good behavior. She has to earn your time and attention.


Alpha males know the benefits that they provide to the female and screen women for the benefits as well to find out if she is quality.


Alpha males do not put women on a pedestal. Women do not like being put on a pedestal. Women love to be playfully teased and escalated with. Alpha males lead her down the path of discovering and experimenting with sexuality, what she has always wanted.


Alpha males give directives rather than asking questions. They say, “Let’s go” or “Come with” rather than asking. “You’re a fun person. Come along with me”.


Alpha males have an internal locus of control, meaning that they believe that they are in control of their own life. Self-confident, self-motivated and optimistic and believe that anything they want to accomplish is totally possible.


Alpha males, when they are with a woman, stay calm and relaxed, no matter what happens, because they are unreactive.  They are not concerned with what she thinks of them. They know that she is fortunate to be with them.


The alpha experience is to have core confidence, having a strong reality, acting through your own intentions, masculine polarity and being present.


Beta Males

Women say that they want a nice guy but secretly they consider nice guys to be manipulative.


Beta males reward bad behavior, do not qualify women, have standards, and they buy girls things before she has earned it.


Beta males leave it up to the women to lead in male/female dynamics and rely on her to initiate sex.


Beta males display certainty seeking/needy behavior.


Additionally, when in the field they are often found value-scanning, looking around the room starring at women waiting for the women to give the go ahead to approach.


Nice guys are boring and try to have logical conversations with women.


Beta males get jealous.


Beta males supplicate to women. They defer to women to decide and follow her agenda.


Beta males become orbiters and accept the friends frame.


Beta males are sexually passive.


Beta males seek pity from others. A major DLV.


Beta males are nice and are not assertive. They do not own their intentions. Nor do they create positive tension with women.

Beta males have an external locus of control meaning that the responsibility for their life lies out of their control (ex. luck).



I had a friend once in Chicago that was a jerk. When he attempted to open a girl and she was not receptive, he would neg her and put her down intentionally. This is jerk behavior and not alpha. Alphas instead are unreactive an unattached to the outcome and simply redirects his attention elsewhere trying to find the beta female.


Jerks are reactive and defer to physical aggressiveness when challenged whereas beta males defer to passive aggressiveness.

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