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The Ideal Relationship

Male/Female Dynamics

The beta female follows in male/female dynamics and the alpha female attempts to lead in male/female dynamics. Remember that the male leading and female following in male/female dynamics in conducive to relationship and love whereas the opposite is not.

The Ideal Relationship

After we determine where the beta females are located, one has to understand what the goal with a beta female is. This means asking the question, “What is the ideal relationship?”


Remember, alpha (masculinity) is high value for the male and beta (femininity) is high value for the female so naturally, the alpha male being with a beta female is the ideal relationship. For alpha male and beta females, this means avoiding relationships with beta males and alpha females:



When the alpha male and beta female are together, this yields true love:



True love is the goal of all healthy human beings and is truly the purpose of life. By following the methodologies in this book, you are going to be you there sooner than you think!


Male/Female Relations

Alpha male gives directives to beta female and she does so lovingly. beta females never give directives to males.

Alpha male teases beta female lovingly and beta female teases alpha male lovingly as well and spikes attraction, passion, romance and uncertainty in positive ways leading constantly to sex in which the alpha male always leads the interaction.

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