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The Genders

With humans, there are two genders, male and female. There is no in between or scale. There are differences between the male and female in terms of neurology, psychology, personality, behavior and appearance. We are talking an entirely different physical structure of the brain that drives the other differences.

There is however a scale as it relates to the ideal male and ideal female. Ideals having to do with the archetypal phenomena, namely masculinity for the male and femininity for the female, and this exists on a scale. The scale is actually present in the physical structure of the male brain and female brain.

Masculinity is the gender archetype for the male, which also known as alpha, and femininity is the gender archetype for the female, which also known as beta. Thus a crucial distinction regarding the genders is formed, the distinction between alpha (masculinity) and beta (femininity). This distinction forms the basis for gendered philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior and appearance.


  • Vinod Ahuja
    27th September 2017

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