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Selection: Male Perspective

For high status males, attraction is a holistic concept incorporating philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. These men (alphas) that can have any woman they want know that beauty is common and not the ultimate determinant of attractiveness of a female. As such, alphas qualify women to see if they are feminine at each of the five levels just mentioned and thus deserving of their attention. Selection is based upon femininity, or beta, in philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. Femininity creates the polarity or emotional tension within the male that creates an emotional impression with him which eventually turns into love.


Attractive Personality For the Female:

An attractive personality for the female is beta. Ununtractive personality is alpha. Beta is associated with followership and empathy. Alpha is associated with leadership and narcissism.


The higher value the male, the more he relies on factors other than appearance in his qualifying. Since sex is ubiquitous for him, factors like philosophy, psychology, personality and behavior congruent with the gender archetype is screened for. When she is congruent along these factors with femininity, a more meaningful attraction exists in him that creates emotional tension. This triggers his love drive. He is motivated by this emotional tension to pursue a long term physical relationship with her as he could see himself being in love with her.


The high value male rewards behavior congruent with beta (femininity) and punishes behavior congruent with alpha (masculinity).


How to Value a Girl?


Scale from beta to alpha determines the value of the girl with high value being femininity (i.e. beta) and low value being alpha:

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