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Seeming & Being Alpha

The majority of the alpha male books and courses are concerned with how to seem like you are alpha rather than how to actually be alpha. Thus, they speak about popularity to an ingroup, body language, framing, and histrionics (i.e. pretending). Implicitly, they assume that man is a superficial being rather than a reasoned, loving, and social being. In actuality, what makes alpha is the commitment to dominating as individual, in love, health, and social. How to Be an Alpha Male, the book and the course at Alpha University are concerned with how to be an actual alpha male and seem like an alpha male.


Seeming Like Alpha

Content focused on seeming like you are alpha implicitly assumes that man is only a superficial being rather than a reasoned, loving, and social being. Alpha as a popularity contest to ingroup emerged from this content as a replacement to true alpha. It sought to claim that man’s value is merely a function of his popularity and conformity to the ingroup rather than his own dominance (knowledge, capabilities & experience). This value function, since it is based upon ingroup/outgroup at its core is a zero-sum methodology where there are mandated winners (ingroup) and losers (outgroup). Those pursuing alpha as a popularity contest to ingroup have no standards for their women other than merely being popular and thus are not concerned with true alpha.


Being Alpha

Alpha University’s focus is actually being alpha as well as seeming like alpha. Truly becoming alpha has to do with dominance individually, in love, in health, and in social. Being an alpha male means knowing and owning your intentions nomatter anyone else’s opinion. Alphas make their intentions explicit and then own them fully as they pursue them and ultimately enjoy the benefits of their intentionality.


The goal of an actual alpha male is living a life of confidence, charisma, passion, love. Being alpha is at its core positive sum & synergy focused; using reason to add value. The leader uses reason even when it is not popular and pursues his own intentionality.


When the individual learns, implements via capabilities, and builds experience in these methodologies/models in their life on a regular basis they may say that they have become an alpha male.

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