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Male Neurology vs. Female Neurology

The human brain developed in three distinct phases. Each phase corresponds to a physical component of our brain and produces different drives which influences how we experience our mind:

  1. Physical brain – Most inward at the top of our spine – Regulates physical processes continuously at work in our bodies like breathing. “Body”
  2. Emotional brain – On top of the physical brain – Responsible for emotional responses. “Heart”
  3. Thinking brain – On top of the emotional brain – Responsible for consciousness and reasoning. “Mind”

The more interior the brain, the more it takes precedence regarding the needs the brain is meant to address. Our brains are created by our genes and our genes primary drives is replication and so our brains are towards the ends of reproduction.

Even past the basic structure of the brain, men’s brains are wired differently from women’s brains. The male evolved to conquer challenges in nature related to food, shelter, water, clothing, and the propagation of the species. The female evolved to ensure the propagation of the family and offspring. As such, the female brain is much more in tune with the emotionality of phenoma and relationship. To her value is emotional tension that is created as this will lead to love and relationship for her ensuring her survival and the survival of her offspring. The goal is thus to create emotional tension with the female and to lead this to the same night lay and eventual relationship. Emotional tension is attraction and the precursor to love.

Women are attracted to men with social status because they are programmed to believe that these men give them the sort of feelings that they want. Feelings being emotional tension. Emotional tension being related to love and the creation of a family and propagation of offspring.

The hardware in women’s brains is attracted to certain archetypal male traits associated with masculinity. This masculinity can also be referred to as alpha. So the overall archetypal male that is attractive to the neurological structure of her brain is alpha. This attraction is not a choice, but automatic. In order to escalate physically with her, we are going to call upon the attraction built into her brain by demonstrating alpha traits, allowing this to build tension, and then not breaking the tension but leading this towards sex.

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