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Male Archetype vs. Female Archetype

As mentioned in the previous chapter, philosophy drives psychology. As such, we see innate trends in behavior emerge from the male and female human over time. These patterns are known as an archetype. These patterns became part of the infrastructure of our brains and when we are in the presence of them, we experience attraction.


When we discuss attraction, we are ultimately learning about what is archetypal for a particular sex. The definition for archetype is:


The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.


An archetype provides an ideal that evolved through time. We can apply archetypes to male/female relationships to understand selection, attraction, escalation, sex & commitment. Namely, there is an archetype for the male and an archetype for the female. Archetypes explain selection, attraction, escalation, sex & commitment.


The archetype for the male is masculinity. We call this archetype alpha. The archetype for the female is femininity. We call this archetype beta.


The key to success for a male is to become the male gender archetype, alpha. The key to success for a female is to become the female gender archetype, beta. The key developing an archetype is to work on our personality and behavior, those things that we can control ourselves.


The key question for the male is thus:


“How to Be an Alpha Male?”


The key question for the female is thus:


“How to Be a Beta Female?”

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