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Love & Philosophy

There is philosophy conducive to love and there are philosophies not conducive to love. The philosophy most conducive to love is Male/Female philosophy. Male/Female philosophy teaches that the male should become alpha and build love with a beta female and that the female should become beta and build love with an alpha male. Male/female philosophy is an integrated philosophy built around the purpose of creation, true love.

Love & Philosophy

The intellectual knows to avoid philosophies that seek to claim that either:


  1. True love is not the purpose of creation and life (The frame of collective good over individual good) (ex. Marxism, Feminism, Moralism, Progressivism)
  2. There is a victim in the true love dynamic (The frame of negative emotionality) (ex. Moralism (God as the victim), Feminism (Female as the victim))


Free Will vs. Determinism

Love Is Reasoned. The nature of true love is reason (the distinction and the corresponding integration of the alpha male and the beta female). True love is driven by the self-interest at the level of the individual, not the binary associated with ingroup/outgroup dynamics (and the loss of the self-interest). The distinction is associated with the human mind and thus free will; true love can only be had by free will.


On the other hand, the nature of the binary is the division of nature into a controlled phenomena; in doing so binary wars on nature. The binary assumes that there is determinism where there is no free will and thus there is no true love. Remember, true love can only be had by free will. Deterministic philosophies are known as bias since they rely on incorrect assumptions regarding the human condition. Biased philosophies include collective philosophy or victim philosophy where it is assumed that the human should not have or has no free will and thus that true love either does not exist or is not the goal of creation and life.


Alpha and Beta Methodology

The Alpha and Beta methodology is a behavioral model as well as a value analysis model. In short the Alpha and Beta model tells us what behavior has value. It makes the distinction between male behavior and female behavior as value is different for the male and female just as attraction is different for the male and female.


The female is evolutionarily programmed to be attracted to the male gender archetype called alpha. The male is evolutionarily programmed to be attracted to the female gender archetype called beta. These distinctions are at the core of the Alpha and Beta model.


The model also explains what behavior is unattractive in males and females. The behavior that is unattractive is that which models the opposite sex’s gender archetype. In other words, beta (i.e. feminine) behavior is unattractive for the male and alpha (i.e. masculine) behavior is unattractive for the female.


The Alpha and Beta model aids males and females in finding high value sexual & love partners. It states that the male should select a beta female and avoid alpha females. It also states that the female should select an alpha male and avoid beta males.

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