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The Logic of Gender, Attraction & Love

The Logic of Gender:

The human being is either a male heterosexual or a female heterosexual. There is no spectrum or scale of gender. The spectrum is regarding masculinity or femininity, called alpha and beta respectively. Alpha and beta are the archetypes for the male and female and are the basis of value, attraction, and love.


The Logic of Attraction:

Male attracted to beta female, the archetype for the female. Female attracted to alpha male (possessing game), the archetype for the male.


The male demonstrates high value inasmuch as he embodies the male gender archetype, alpha, masculinity. The female demonstrates high value inasmuch as she embodies the female gender archtype, beta, femininity.


The Logic of Love:

Alpha male and beta female, archetypes are the basis for true love. The male has evolved to fall in love with the female archetype, beta, femininity. The female has evolved to fall in love with the male archetype, alpha, masculinity.



If we want to attract and build love with a high value female, beta, we have to become and behave consistent with our gender’s archetype, alpha. We have to eliminate beta philosophy, behavior, and identity and adopt alpha philosophy, behavior, and identity.

Identity is a set of beliefs regarding oneself and one’s place in the world serving as the inputs for decision-making, behavior and goals. If we want to create lasting love with a beta female, we must become alpha and internalize it as our identity.

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