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Intentionality refers to having clarity regarding whom and what you want in life. What type of relationship do you want? Is it monogamous, open, multiple, or simply dating (pairbonding)? Many men, especially young men will say multiple relationships. I was there as well for a time and I experienced it. But truly understand your own intentions. Don’t pursue multiple relationships or simply dating (pairbonding) just because it feels socially impressive or some dating gurus have said that they live that lifestyle. Most dating gurus are not necessarily people to emulate in this area of their life.  Many dating gurus become dating gurus because of low self-esteem. Having multiple girlfriends can feel very validating to men with deep self-esteem issues. Pickup game and love game are two different skillsets.  It no sense to copy a dating gurus insecurity-driven relationship behavior because you admire the way he attracts women because he is focused on a different part of game pickup game rather than love game.

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