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Human Development Testing = Standards

As you can see, the human is much more than their physical appearance. There is a continuum of human development along these lines and some people are more developed and some less developed. As a hugh value male that has sex experienced as ubiquitous, we test women for their level of human development consistent with the human development model. This translates into a set of standards for the male that goes past mere appearances. Understand how her philosophy and psychology is going to drive her personality and behavior towards men in general and you specifically. Qualify her with this model and do it with all women to see if she is on your level. If not, then you can find a girl that is a better fit, just have sex with her, but she is not relationship material and is relatively low value since she is an underdeveloped human being.

By viewing the pickup as a human development test, we take our power back from the women. We don’t have to qualify to them, they have to qualify to us in order to get our continued attention.

Is she beta or alpha? Along what aspects of human development (philosophy, psychology, personality, or behavior)?

If she is alpha, she is not love material. If she is beta, then she is love material.

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