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Human Development Model

In addition to gender, there is a flow to human development starting after the gender of the human is determined. Namely there is neurological development meaning the brain structure of either the male or female. From there we have the software of the brain that provides the map of how reality works which is the philosophy. After than, we have preferences and thought patterns within that map to get us where we want to go and obtain our goals which speaks to our psychology. After that, our thoughts drive our communication patterns and emotional expression which speaks to our personality. From our emotional expression we have the driver of our actions or behavior. Finally our behavior culminates in an outward appearance.


You can observe the flow of this model on the next page.

  1. Gender (DNA)
  2. Neurology (Hardware)
  3. Philosophy (Map or software)
  4. Psychology (Patterns of thinking)
  5. Personality (Patterns of communication)
  6. Behavior (Patterns of actions)
  7. Appearance (Actions translated to image)

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