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High Value Male = Knows the Attraction Principle

By demonstrating that the male knows the attraction principle through cocky & teasing communication and behavior, the female makes a holistic categorization of high value regardless of looks, wealth, or possessions, as high value. By being nice, he is categorized as approval seeking and low value. This is the social reality that she lives in. That the main driver of value is social rather than hunter/survival and social means emotions. She is auditing for social status and her cues are cocky & playful communication & behavior. Once she discovers this behavior, she categorizes the male as high value, or alpha, and as sex material. She feels the emotions of attraction and until proven otherwise, will do whatever he directs her to do and will follow him only periodically alpha testing him to see if he is still congruent. When you have been categorized as alpha, you can quite literally take her into the bathroom that moment by taking her by the hand and leading her without saying a word to have sex with her right then and there without having to ask for permission (i.e. the same night lay). It is that on. By the way, that is her fantasy as well, spontaneous sex that “just happened”.

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