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High Value & Demonstrating High Value

In order to understand high value, one must first understand reasoning and value as it relates to the sexes. Namely, what is high value for the male and female and what is low value for the male and female. We use the Alpha & Beta Model as shown here:

From the High Value Model shown above, a number of key questions arise for the male:

  1. How does the male demonstrate alpha behavior and eliminate beta behavior? Or How to be an alpha male?
  2. How does the female demonstrate beta behavior and eliminate alpha behavior? Or How to be a beta female?

Demonstrating alpha behavior for the male and beta behavior for the female begins with a heterosexual philosophy which is known as Social Objectivism.

As you can see, progress for the male is towards more masculinity, not femininity. Progressivism claims that progress for the male is towards more femininity and less masculinity:

As you can see, progress for the female is towards more femininity, not masculinity. Feminism claims that female progress is towards more masculinity and less femininity:

Those with a hetersexual philosophy do the productive work to demonstrative higher value. Heterosexuality is thus intrinsically productive when one possesses a heterosexual philosophy and acts on it.

You can often tell whom has a heterosexual philosophy by those doing the work to demonstrate higher value for their gender. The exception is in the West, where gender neutral philosophy is the culturally accepted philosophy and thus looks can be deceiving. When in the West, a certain amount of qualifying needs to take place to ensure that the female is beta (i.e. possesses a heterosexual philosophy and behaves in a feminine manner).

Masculinity is the demonstration of higher value for the male and femininity is the demonstration of higher value for the female. Gender is a social phenomena.

 Behavioral Modeling

So what do with do with the High Value Model and the Alpha & Beta Model? We behaviorally model our own gender’s archetype.

In order to become successful, we model other successful people’s behavior. The best practice of behavior for a gender is called an archetype. Gender archetypes are thus the ultimate guide for those pursuing success. The Alpha and Beta behavioral model is a gender archetype model allowing both the male and female to identify successful behavior and eliminate low value behavior.

Behavioral models allow us to model successful behavior and obtain love and significance. Modeling your gender archetype is ultimately the decision to become successful in life. Alpha is success for the male. Beta is success for the female.

The Alpha and Beta behavioral model also allows us to identify low value behavior; namely the male being beta and the female being alpha. We are to use the Alpha and Beta model and apply it to any situation. The key question to ask is:

“Am I being alpha or beta with my behavior?”

Or regarding a mate:

“Is she being beta or alpha with her behavior?”

The male should be being alpha and the female should be being beta.

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