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Gendered Teasing

We are going for gendered teasing or teasing with an inherent male/female dynamic and emotional tension built in. Teasing shows that you do not need her approval and will not be approval seeking and the gendered portion means that it is directed at her in a sexual way with a form of innuendo. This teasing begins the chase dynamic of her chasing you to get your approval. Cause is the male with teasing and effect is the female with her chasing. When she is chasing you, she is busy experiencing her full range of emotionality and she is her happiest at this time even if she is physically crying (crying does not automatically mean negative emotionality with women!). This is her merely experiencing the full range of her emotions and is not to be “fixed”. This freedom to experience all of her emotions is the most fulfilling experience of her life. Give her the space to experience them and don’t try to “control her emotions”. By continuing to stoke the teasing dynamic and add sexual innuendo the more physical you are with her, the more she chases and the more you are controlling the situation and moving her automatically towards sex and a relationship with you by just doing it physically without asking for permission.

The goal is for her to experience her emotionality with you, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. You just need to keep her feeling something. Women move towards those that make her feel intense feelings. Teasing spikes emotionality and gives intense feelings.

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