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Gendered Psychology vs. Gender-Neutral Psychology

As mentioned in the previous chapter, philosophy drives psychology. As such, we see innate trends in behavior emerge from the male and female human over time. Masculinity or alpha has to do with leadership, owning your intentions and taking what you want. In other words, narcissism. Femininity or beta has to do with followership, providing love, and emotional connectedness. In other words, empathy.

Gender-neutral psychology is associated with the opposite of gender archetypes at the level of the mind. Namely, the female being narcissistic and the male being empathetic. The female tries to lead in male female dynamics and force her intentionality on the male, seeking to control the terms of the relationship and the pacing (when sexuality occurs). Related to selection, narcissistic females, since they are looking to force their intentionaly on a male may actually prefer to surround themselves with beta males that are empathetic to their reality and follow her. This empathetic male buys into the alpha female’s reality and allows her to be the decider and the leader in male/female dynamics.

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