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Gendered Philosophy vs. Gender Neutral Philosophy

Philosophy drives psychology since it provides a map of reality. If you subscribe to a gendered philosophy (map) that includes the reality of the genders, gender archetypes and male/female dynamics, you are going to have a gendered psychology (love drive). On the other hand, if you have a gender-neutral philosophy (map) including equivalence and victim frames, you are going to have a gender-neutral psychology (victim drive).


Individuals with a gendered philosophy have an alpha & beta psychology where there are innate male/female dynamics of the male leading and the female following. This isn’t so for those with a gender-neutral philosophy. They are even hostile to the concept of male/female psychology and male/female dynamics.


Gendered philosophy is the philosophy of alpha & beta (male/female dynamics). Alpha & beta is the application of reason to the genders and male/female dynamics. Gendered philosophy produces a love drive and positive emotionality in the human. Alpha & beta is ultimately the map about how reality works as it relates to male/female dynamics.


Gender neutral philosophy is bias applied to the genders and male/female dynamics with the accompanying frame of victimhood. Gender neutral philosophy disarms the love drive within the human and replaces it with a victim drive. Gender neutral philosophy has negative emotionality as its primary focus.


Ultimately, the goal of gendered philosophy is to provide a roadmap to happiness in male/female relations by sexualizing the interaction to spike emotional tension (positive emotionality). The goal of gender-neutral philosophy is to desexualize the interaction. Sexualized philosophy and psychology is more conducive to love and thus happiness. Desexualized philosophy is not conducive to love or happiness.


Gendered philosophy is conducive to emotional tension and love. As such, it builds love drives into people. Gender neutral philosophy is not. It builds victim drives into people.


Gendered philosophy is associated with archetypes for the genders, male in female, namely masculinity and femininity. In other words, alpha being for the male and beta being for the female.

Gender neutral philosophy is associated with gender confusion including the opposite of the gender archetypes, masculinity for the male and femininity for the male. In other words alpha for the female and beta for the male.

Since archetypes drive emotional tension and thus attraction and love, gender neutral philosophy is suboptimal and even detrimental when it leads to incongruent gender behavior which is unattractive and love blocking.


Politically Correct vs. Truth

Men and women in the West are now raised or go to school in a politically correct environment, where the idea that men and women have essentially identical psychologies and that any differences in their behavior are attributable to societal influences is spread.


The truth is that there are gender-based preferences and roles that are innate and form the basis for masculinity and femininity and thus alpha and beta.



Applying archetypes to the human condition allow us to see the flow of the human condition through the human development model. We have two broad philosophies starting with either reason or bias and tracing it through the model. Philosophy translates into psychology which translates into personality which translates into behavior and appearance. Reasoned philosophy is gendered and rooted in male/female archetypes and dynamics such as our model of alpha & beta.


Gender intrinsically has emotional tension. Emotional tension is the precursor to love. As such gendered philosophy provides and inculcates love in the carrier and a love drive.


Gender neutral philosophy is missing emotional tension and thus the basis for attraction and love. Instead, in its place driving action is a reaction to perceived victimhood and this inculcates a victim drive.

There is an overriding philosophy within a culture and it is either gendered or gender neutral. People within that culture develop either gendered or gender neutral psychologies and from this either gendered or gender neutral personalities and behavior. Gendered refers to masculinity or alpha for the male and femininity or beta for the female. Gender neutral refers to masculinity or alpha for the female and beta or femininity for the male. Gender neutral cultures are missing the sort of polarity conducive to love and the gendered behavior to keep relationships together and thus we see a 50% divorce rate in the usa and western europe, the leaders in gender neutral philosophy. In cultures with a gendered philosophy, we see gender clarity. In cultures with gender neutral philosophy, we see gender confusion.


Gender Philosophy

Continuing to extend the concept of the archetype to the sexes, we get gender archetypes. Unfortunately, in the Western world, we have a relatively new phenomena in the past few decades, the fall of gender archetypes. Gender archetypes provide the ideal for both the male and female and provide an initial distinction that guides human behavior. The initial distinctions that are provided by gender archetypes is represented in the Alpha & Beta Model taught at Alpha University. The Alpha & Beta Model states that the gender archetype for the male is alpha (i.e. masculinity) and the gender archetype for the female is beta (i.e. femininity):




The distinctions in the Alpha & Beta Model are foundation and provide the core to developing philosophically (the Philosophy of Alpha & Beta).


The instruction of gender archetypes used to occur at the level of the family, community, and institutions. This no-longer occurs in the West and in fact, we now see the opposite of gender archetypes being reinforced and held out as heroic by university, media, and politicians.


The main themes portrayed in the West are the female being alpha portrayed as a hero and the male being beta portrayed as a hero. This conflicts with the Alpha & Beta Model taught at Alpha University. The Alpha & Beta Model teaches us traditional gender archetypes (alpha for the male and beta for the female) and the love archetype (alpha and beta in love).


Archetypes are important as they indicate a society’s primary philosophy and shapes behavior which translates into culture. As archetypes become neglected, the social fabric of society begins to erode and biased culture fills the void. We see this today with progressivism/feminism and moralism in the West.


This is the leading challenge to Western civilization; the erosion and demonization of our ideals, and it provides an opportunity for men and women to take responsibility for change and to teach ourselves, families, communities and country about gender archetypes. The best way to do this is by using the Alpha & Beta Model.


Archetypes Drive Social Norms


Archetypes are the basis for social norms, what is deemed normal or acceptable for an individual in a society.



Social Norms Drive Culture


These social norms cumulatively drive culture in a society. To gender neutral a culture is to desexualize a culture. To desexualize a culture is to delove a culture where the emotional tension that coincides with attraction, passion, and love is lost.

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