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Where to Find Beta Females?

As a male that wants to be alpha, you are going to be looking for high value females (i.e. beta) rather than just any female. So the natural question becomes:

“Where are the beta females?”

As discussed, due to the rise of feminism in the West, women in the West no-longer see their primary role in life as love with a male. Since the alpha male sees his primary role in life as love with a beta (feminine) female, this is a major problem. Thus, we need to identify country by country the level of femininity of the average female which we have done in the Female Value Scale below:

As you can see, the level of feminism in the country has a negative correlation to the level of value of the average female in the country. The higher level of feminism means a lower level of value in the average female due to the female adopting more masculine behavior and being less feminine (not seeing her primary role in life as love with a male). Feminism, being both masculiphobic (prejudiced against masculinity in men) and feminiphobic (prejudiced against femininity in women), is quite an Orwellian word!

Ultimately we find beta females in countries that have cultures that reinforce gender archetypes (i.e. reasoned cultures). Some of these countries are:




Czech Republic




We can see the culture based upon what the country’s media, education, and politicians portray as heroic (ideals). In the West, the female being alpha and the male being portrayed as beta is held out as heroic. Beta females will not be found here. Women prioritize career over love in the West and are hostile to reason being applied to gender and male/female relations. The cultures in the West (progressivism & feminism) are in fact hostile to gender archetypes. Just ask your average Western woman what she thinks about gender archetypes; you will most likely get a hostile answer if not “trigger” her.

So here is the main question you have to ask yourself regarding your love life:

Would you like to spend your time picking up low value women that do not love men (PUA in the West) or having a lifetime of true love with a high value feminine woman (Alpha University)?

Herein lies the difference between Alpha University and other pickup literature (PUA). Alpha University focuses on selecting high value women (beta females) instead of low value women (alpha females). Other pickup literature assumes that all women have equal value. They do not make the distinction between alpha females and beta females. Feminism is synonymous with low value for the female as it advocates the woman being alpha (masculine). Due to prevalence of feminism in the West, low value women even think that they are high value (i.e. they think that they increase their value by decreasing their value).

You can also observe the effects of feminism in the spike in the divorce rate in the USA to 50% of all marriages. The rise in feminism coincides with the rise in the divorce rate. Beta females do not get divorced as love with the male is her number one priority and she takes a synergistic approach to all interactions with her male. Men with beta females experience this love and stay in love. If you are interested in staying in love and being married, selecting a beta female is going to be key.

Having sex with low value women can be fun, but I suggest that you raise your standards. Having sex and love with a beta female is much more rewarding than simply pursuing endless same night lays with low value women. I would know, I have successfully done both and I can tell you that waking up next to your true love is priceless. I tell my wife every day that she is my treasure and I truly feel, believe, and know it.

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