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Equality Isn’t Happiness Inducing

In male/female dynamics, there is always going to be dynamics of dominance vs. submission, leading vs. following, narcissism vs. empathy, masculine role vs. feminine role. There is a natural dynamic that feels right for both of the sexes that is attraction, love and happiness inducing and the opposite of which, which is not. Equality is a frame that simply attempts to wish this fact away and may simply provide a context for the female to engage in non-feminine behavior (masculine).

In the West, there is an obsession with equality between the sexes. The truth is that equality is not happiness inducing for the male or female. What is happiness inducing is the natural male/female dynamic of male leading (dominating) and female following (submitting). This just ‘feels right’ for both of the sexes since it is part of the hardware of the male and female brain along with being aligned with our attraction mechanisms.

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