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Alpha is synonymous with high value for the male. The female is evolutionarily programmed to select, have sex with, build love with, and commit with an alpha male. The reason why alpha is high value for the male as it

The concept of dating is different for the alpha male and the pickup artist. ‘How to date’ may in fact not be the appropriate question since dating is not the goal. Rather, the question should be: How to find and build

Dating is a stage of a male female interraction within the first phase of game where the interraction has not yet progressed to love game. This means that dating is still focused on pickup game even if sex is happening

Ubiquitous sex is phenomenon experienced by the alpha male when sex becomes easily accessible at anytime and is ever present. This phenomenon is strived for by every male and is the universal goal of the male. Ubiquitous sex is most often

We have all heard of the concepts of investment, transaction, equity, and cost from a financial perspective, but what about from a relational perspective? Investment builds equity, lower search costs. Beta female and ubiquitous sex. In the presence of beta females, sex

Game is combination of two phases that facilitate dating dynamics between a male and a female moving from no relationship to relationship. The second phase of game is: 2. Love game Love game is the second phase of game moving the dynamics

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