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How to Build True Love?

Being in Love

Being in love is the goal of the healthy human. Being in love maximizes euphoria at the level of the mind and pleasure at the level of the body. The most conducive male/female dynamic to being in love is between a masculine male and a feminine female. The masculine male can be referred to as alpha and the feminine female can be referred to as beta. A male female dynamic of the opposite, femininity for the male and masculinity for the female, is not conducive to being in love as beta males and alpha females model the opposite of their gender archetype and gender role and the human brain/mind evolved to fall in love with the gender archetype that models the gender role, masculinity for the male and femininity for the female.


Additionally, alpha females and beta males tend to identify with negative emotionality and philosophies of victimhood that go along with it, which are not conducive to being in love. If you believe that there is a victim in the male/female dynamic inherently, then being in love is not possible. Alpha males and beta females should avoid those that do not have their aim as being in love as one’s peer group can effect one’s behavior.


True Love Methodology:

The true love methodology is actually a combination of four separate models utilized in a contiguous manner:


  1. Alpha & Beta Model



  1. Network to Love Model





  1. Selection – Objective culture countries and the corresponding social network for the country (ex. for USSR states)
  2. Messaging – direct FB, VK messaging and coinciding friend request:

Hey, I noticed you in the cooking group and found you interesting and pretty. I’d like to get to know you better. How was your day?

  1. Interaction – Playful, sexual, love
  2. Logistics – Coordination of physical meetings
  3. Escalate – Sexually
  4. Commit – Promise rings, marriage


  1. Positive tension model


  1. Relationship model
  2. Pickup
  3. Sex
  4. Cuddle & Commit (Exclusive discussion)
  5. Promise ring
  6. Engagement
  7. Marriage


  • Vinod Ahuja
    27th September 2017



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