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How to Build Intrinsic Value?

Intrinsic value is a concept that is linked to the human condition with the overriding objective of the human to maximize euphoria at the level of the mind and pleasure at the level of the body. As such, things that directly bring euphoria and pleasure or facilitate circumstances where euphoria and pleasure can be enjoyed are the basis for intrinsic value. True love is the primary driver of euphoria and pleasure and assets that perpetually deliver value which allow the human to have more time directly enjoying true love is the physical manifestation of intrinsic value.


The chief concern of Social Objectivism is both obtaining true love for the individual and building a system (civilization) where true love is both the goal and facilitated. The chief concern of Perpetuity Science is the building of perpetuities that allow for passive benefit streams so the human can have more time to enjoy true love.


In order to obtain true love, the male human should observe, behave and espouse consistent with his gender archetype, alpha (masculinity), as this is oriented towards true love; the female human should observe, behave and espouse consistent with her gender archetype, beta (femininity), as this is oriented towards true love.


The study of masculinity, or alpha should ensue for the male and the study of femininity, or beta should ensue for the female. Social Objectivism acknowledges that though there is a universal philosophy of human progress called Objectivism, there are bodies of knowledge that are different for the genders and that this is healthy and facilitates a true love orientation (Social Objectivism).


From a resource perspective, Intrinsic value is associated with a passive benefit stream and the benefit stream being de-risked. This allows the human to enjoy a recurring passive benefit stream where attention can be put towards euphoria and pleasure maximization (i.e. true love with alpha male and beta female).

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