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“Whomever has the strongest belief about how reality ‘is’ and can communicate it to others most effectively will bring their reality into being” ---DeAngelo In the dominant reality, your needs come first and the decision-making is done by you. You are independent of any stimuli occurring, only pursuing your intentionality in all interactions. You are unreactive to any phenomena coming from men and women. Women want a man that is in control of their shared reality and is

Consistent with the narcissism/empathy dynamic to male/female dynamics is the dominance/submission dynamic to male/female dynamics. Dominance in a male is a turn on, while submission in a male is a turn off. Dominance indicates good genes while submission indicates bad genes.   On the otherhand, submission in a female is a turn on while dominance in a female is a turn off. Submission has to do with femininity and indicates good genes while dominance is the opposite

The male archetype, alpha, has a built in dynamic of physical escalation always. This is integrated with the attractive male personality associated with push/pull and touching.   The male archetype escalating without permission is the ultimate female fantasy and she does not play an active role in her own seduction and sex “just happens” spontaneously.   I remember when I was younger and about to have sex with a girl that I had oneitis for, I asked her for

We are going for gendered teasing or teasing with an inherent male/female dynamic and emotional tension built in. Teasing shows that you do not need her approval and will not be approval seeking and the gendered portion means that it is directed at her in a sexual way with a form of innuendo. This teasing begins the chase dynamic of her chasing you to get your approval. Cause is the male with teasing and effect

In male/female dynamics, there is always going to be dynamics of dominance vs. submission, leading vs. following, narcissism vs. empathy, masculine role vs. feminine role. There is a natural dynamic that feels right for both of the sexes that is attraction, love and happiness inducing and the opposite of which, which is not. Equality is a frame that simply attempts to wish this fact away and may simply provide a context for the female to

Though men’s brains are hardwired to experience attraction is the presence of mere physical femininity (appearance), men can learn that attractiveness is a female is a holistic concept including internal factors related to her feminine development such as; philosophy, psychology, personality and behavior. As men learn this, the neurological structure of their brains changes to incorporate these updates accordingly. Seeing attractiveness as a holistic concept means raising our standards and being like a high value

By demonstrating that the male knows the attraction principle through cocky & teasing communication and behavior, the female makes a holistic categorization of high value regardless of looks, wealth, or possessions, as high value. By being nice, he is categorized as approval seeking and low value. This is the social reality that she lives in. That the main driver of value is social rather than hunter/survival and social means emotions. She is auditing for social

When the emotion of attraction is triggered, the emotional part of our brain takes over and overrides our behavior in order to facilitate the creation of healthy and sustainable offspring. This love drive is not something that we have control over and there is nothing we can do about it. The mechanism of attraction evolved into humans by taking over mind and body long enough to make sure that mating takes place with good genes

Contrary to what our mothers told us and what society tells us, nice simply does not work with women. To an attractive women, a man is just a number within a marketplace of men always available to her that she looks at as the same since she is approached all the time. She differentiates them based upon how she feels with them primarily, and her feeling is called emotional tension (attraction). The problem with nice

The parts of the brain that are responsible for attraction are related to emotion and not logic. This has an important impact on game and our same night lay goal. We are not trying to engage her logically, but rather via calling upon her emotions via modeling the male archetype and ideally being it and leading the interaction towards physicality immediately by assuming attraction.

Within the female brain, there is an attraction button that when pushed causes her to experience the positive emotions of attraction which then take over her body and move her towards you. In order to push the button, demonstrate the male archetype, alpha. Beta releases the button and thus kills emotional tension (attraction). Since a woman has an attraction button that she cannot control, the male with this knowledge is in control as he can

As you will see with archetypes in a few chapters, human development is different for the male and female. Male human development is towards masculinity and female human development is towards femininity. However, there is an underlying universal model of human development which has been already discussed. This universal model can be applied to the male & female but within the paradigm of alpha & beta, the archetypes for the male & female. Human development

As you can see, the human is much more than their physical appearance. There is a continuum of human development along these lines and some people are more developed and some less developed. As a hugh value male that has sex experienced as ubiquitous, we test women for their level of human development consistent with the human development model. This translates into a set of standards for the male that goes past mere appearances. Understand

In addition to gender, there is a flow to human development starting after the gender of the human is determined. Namely there is neurological development meaning the brain structure of either the male or female. From there we have the software of the brain that provides the map of how reality works which is the philosophy. After than, we have preferences and thought patterns within that map to get us where we want to go

There is philosophy conducive to love and there are philosophies not conducive to love. The philosophy most conducive to love is Male/Female philosophy. Male/Female philosophy teaches that the male should become alpha and build love with a beta female and that the female should become beta and build love with an alpha male. Male/female philosophy is an integrated philosophy built around the purpose of creation, true love. Love & Philosophy The intellectual knows to avoid philosophies that

Oneitis is the total obsession with one girl before you have had sex with her. Oneitis is a beta male belief/behavior. Love is the romantic feelings for a girl that you have slept with. That you want only her as she fulfills your needs. Your love is contingent upon her good behavior and something that she has earned. The distinction between oneitis and love is whether or not you have had sex with the girl yet. if

Pairbonding (Dating): Pairbonding arose in the West as a reaction to feminism and women no-longer looking for love nor having love drives. They had career drives instead and were only looking for fun as in casual sex with different men. These women are known as alpha females. Pairbonding is also known as dating where it is a perpetual phenomena rather than something to transition to true love. Alpha females are in the West. True Love: In the East, women are entirely different as they

There are three types of guys; alpha males, beta males, and jerks.   Alpha Males Alpha males are not friends with females, they fuck them. They don’t concern themselves with a woman’s thoughts and feelings. They know that you can’t control what a woman thinks or feels.   Alpha males set themselves up as a challenge for a woman; women are attracted to a challenge, not bored.   The number one thing that women find attractive; the impression that you are a

Though men’s brains are hardwired to experience attraction is the presence of mere physical femininity (appearance), men can learn that attractiveness is a female is a holistic concept including internal factors related to her feminine development such as; philosophy, psychology, personality and behavior. As men learn this, the neurological structure of their brains changes to incorporate these updates accordingly. Seeing attractiveness as a holistic concept means raising our standards and being like a high value

Emotional tension = attraction. As such we are going to want to spike emotional tension, maintain it without decreasing it, and then lead the interaction towards sex.   Women like to sleep with men who are better than them so it is important to demonstrate high value. High value for the male is alpha.   There is attraction when she becomes interested about you as a man and potential romantic and/ or sexual interest.  As a man.  Not as

Women want a man that is in control of the entire reality that they share including her. She wants a man that she cannot control and thus he must be in control of the reality they share. She tests him whether he is a challenge or supplicates. If he does not, then he must be in control of their reality. You want to leave a bit of uncertainty so there is a “I can’t tell

While there are preferences as it relates to relationships with women, the universal outcome that men desire for their life is the ability to do same night lays and then use this skill to land a beta female that you build a lifelong relationship with of passion, true love, and sex. So build the skill of the same night lay and translate that into getting a beta girlfriend and wife. You may experiment with multiple relationships

Intentionality refers to having clarity regarding whom and what you want in life. What type of relationship do you want? Is it monogamous, open, multiple, or simply dating (pairbonding)? Many men, especially young men will say multiple relationships. I was there as well for a time and I experienced it. But truly understand your own intentions. Don’t pursue multiple relationships or simply dating (pairbonding) just because it feels socially impressive or some dating gurus have

For high status males, attraction is a holistic concept incorporating philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. These men (alphas) that can have any woman they want know that beauty is common and not the ultimate determinant of attractiveness of a female. As such, alphas qualify women to see if they are feminine at each of the five levels just mentioned and thus deserving of their attention. Selection is based upon femininity, or beta, in philosophy,

The attractive personality is one that creates positive tension within others and then does not break the tension but escalates and moves others towards women towards sex where the tension is released. This is the pattern of the attractive personality. Personality meaning that it is internalized within the communication and behavioral pattern of the individual. This attractive personality pattern is manifested in cocky & teasing communication and behavior. You use the positive tension/polarity created by

In the West especially, looks can be deceiving.  A girl that has the appearance of a feminine woman may not be fully congruent, having a gender neutral philosophy, masculine psychology, masculine personality and masculine behavior. That is why it is important to understand that appearances though important, should not be the primary basis for attraction. The high status male will screen her to see if she is feminine through each of the four levels other

Personality Types can be broken down along the lines of masculinity and femininity or narcissism and empathy. A masculine personality is more consistent with narcissism in a healthy way, namely being cocky and teasing. This confidence and assertiveness is extremely attractive to females. A feminine personality is more consistent with empathy, namely being sweet, sincere, and girly. This femininity is extremely attractive to men. A gendered personality creates polarity by being rapport breaking in positive ways,

As mentioned in the previous chapter, philosophy drives psychology. As such, we see innate trends in behavior emerge from the male and female human over time. Masculinity or alpha has to do with leadership, owning your intentions and taking what you want. In other words, narcissism. Femininity or beta has to do with followership, providing love, and emotional connectedness. In other words, empathy. Gender-neutral psychology is associated with the opposite of gender archetypes at the level

Narcissism has to do with being in control of your own and others’ shared reality. Empathy means being willing to take part in another’s reality where they have primarily control. There is an aspect of followership in empathy that relates to the acceptance of another’s emotional reality. We will see how this relates to the male/female natural interaction and fantasy.   The narcissist does not ask for permission to do things or look to others to lead

After we have DHVed and modeled the male archetype, it is important to stay congruent with this archetype as she will periodically test you to see if you are congruence. You are going to want to integrate fully with alpha in terms of:   Philosophy Psychology Personality Behavior   When you have integrated with alpha fully, you have become an a high value attractive male in general.

The human brain developed in three distinct phases. Each phase corresponds to a physical component of our brain and produces different drives which influences how we experience our mind: Physical brain – Most inward at the top of our spine – Regulates physical processes continuously at work in our bodies like breathing. “Body” Emotional brain – On top of the physical brain – Responsible for emotional responses. “Heart” Thinking brain – On top of the

Being in Love Being in love is the goal of the healthy human. Being in love maximizes euphoria at the level of the mind and pleasure at the level of the body. The most conducive male/female dynamic to being in love is between a masculine male and a feminine female. The masculine male can be referred to as alpha and the feminine female can be referred to as beta. A male female dynamic of the opposite,

Male/Female Dynamics The beta female follows in male/female dynamics and the alpha female attempts to lead in male/female dynamics. Remember that the male leading and female following in male/female dynamics in conducive to relationship and love whereas the opposite is not. The Ideal Relationship After we determine where the beta females are located, one has to understand what the goal with a beta female is. This means asking the question, “What is the ideal relationship?”   Remember, alpha (masculinity)

The goal being to find and build true love & marriage with a beta female. True love is a different aim than the alpha female which is looking for pairbonding (dating) rather than true love and has a victim drive rather than a love drive. The task of the alpha male is to go through, qualifying women to find the beta female and then to employ the Positive Tension Model to attract, have sex with and commit

The alpha male’s style should be a combination of timeless and sexy. The timeless portion should be leather shoes, dress pants or dark jeans, dress shirt, and blazer. The sexy portion should be the fit where the pants, shirt and blazer should be slim fit where possible. The male should have two or three buttons on the shirt unbuttoned as well. This style conveys high value and is a source of attraction from the female to

Intrinsic value is a concept that is linked to the human condition with the overriding objective of the human to maximize euphoria at the level of the mind and pleasure at the level of the body. As such, things that directly bring euphoria and pleasure or facilitate circumstances where euphoria and pleasure can be enjoyed are the basis for intrinsic value. True love is the primary driver of euphoria and pleasure and assets that perpetually

In order to understand high value, one must first understand reasoning and value as it relates to the sexes. Namely, what is high value for the male and female and what is low value for the male and female. We use the Alpha & Beta Model as shown here: From the High Value Model shown above, a number of key questions arise for the male: How does the male demonstrate alpha behavior and eliminate beta behavior?

As a male that wants to be alpha, you are going to be looking for high value females (i.e. beta) rather than just any female. So the natural question becomes: “Where are the beta females?” As discussed, due to the rise of feminism in the West, women in the West no-longer see their primary role in life as love with a male. Since the alpha male sees his primary role in life as love with a beta

One of the main differentiating qualities of a beta female that is so attractive is empathy and gratefulness. Alpha females are narcissistic and try to impose their will on others including males. This is a demonstration of lower value (DLV) that is a turn off to males. Remember that the natural archetypal male/female dynamic is the male pursuing his intentionality and leading the interaction towards love and sex. The beta female displays empathy, a form

It is crucial for both men and women to be able to make the distinction between femininity and feminism. Though the words sound familiar, femininity and feminism are exact opposites. Femininity or beta, is the gender archetype for the female. Feminism is a political philosophy and advocates women behaving in a masculine way. What makes a woman or girl unattractive is alpha (i.e. masculinity). Alpha is another word for masculinity and is the gender archetype

Alpha is synonymous with high value for the male. The female is evolutionarily programmed to select, have sex with, build love with, and commit with an alpha male. The reason why alpha is high value for the male as it is associated with leadership, or the owning of one’s intentions and the execution of one’s intentions. This shows ambition and not beta, or supplication, to others. Alpha males lead the interaction towards love and sex

Positive emotionality (alpha for male, beta for female) vs. Negative emotionality (beta for the male, alpha for the female) Positive emotionality has to do with masculinity for the male and femininity for the female. Euphoria and pleasure are driven by masculinity for the male and femininity for the female. This is how humans evolved towards more distinctions for the sexes rather than one equivalent organism possessing both genders. The frame of negative emotionality is the foundation for

The Logic of Gender: The human being is either a male heterosexual or a female heterosexual. There is no spectrum or scale of gender. The spectrum is regarding masculinity or femininity, called alpha and beta respectively. Alpha and beta are the archetypes for the male and female and are the basis of value, attraction, and love.   The Logic of Attraction: Male attracted to beta female, the archetype for the female. Female attracted to alpha male (possessing game), the

As mentioned in the previous chapter, philosophy drives psychology. As such, we see innate trends in behavior emerge from the male and female human over time. These patterns are known as an archetype. These patterns became part of the infrastructure of our brains and when we are in the presence of them, we experience attraction.   When we discuss attraction, we are ultimately learning about what is archetypal for a particular sex. The definition for archetype is:   The

Philosophy drives psychology since it provides a map of reality. If you subscribe to a gendered philosophy (map) that includes the reality of the genders, gender archetypes and male/female dynamics, you are going to have a gendered psychology (love drive). On the other hand, if you have a gender-neutral philosophy (map) including equivalence and victim frames, you are going to have a gender-neutral psychology (victim drive).   Individuals with a gendered philosophy have an alpha & beta

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