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Beta Female vs. Alpha Female

One of the main differentiating qualities of a beta female that is so attractive is empathy and gratefulness. Alpha females are narcissistic and try to impose their will on others including males. This is a demonstration of lower value (DLV) that is a turn off to males. Remember that the natural archetypal male/female dynamic is the male pursuing his intentionality and leading the interaction towards love and sex. The beta female displays empathy, a form of love, in addition to pursuing her own natural attraction to the male by following the alpha male’s lead. Beta and followership go hand in hand and followership in a female is a demonstration of higher value (DHV). Beta is synonymous with high value for the female. The male is evolutionarily programmed to select, have sex with, build love with, and commit with a beta female. Beta is femininity. Femininity is defined by the female’s focus, and passion in philosophy, love, and health. The beta (feminine) female sees her primary role in life as love with a male.

Another distinguishing factor between the beta female and the alpha female is that of emotionaility. The beta female is associated with observing and espousing positive emotionality that impacts others around her and is a DHV. The beta female displays this positive emotionality and is a pleasure to be around. The alpha female is associated with observing and espousing negative emotionality that is toxic to others around her and this is a DLV.

The female’s natural leadership is love leadership, where she finds ways to increase closeness and affection moving the interaction with an alpha male towards exclusivity. The male leads in physicality and the female empathetically responds with love. This creates a true love dynamic which is to be increased continuously through time. The beta female keeps her focus on her alpha male and love with him.

The alpha female on the other hand is narcissistic, not part of the female’s nature and seeks to control the interaction and does not act on her responsibility for empathetic love leadership. She fills her life with things other than love especially and including a career which she ultimately uses as an excuse as to why she does not pursue true love with a male. She does not have a love drive and this is due to her subscribing to various victim philosophies including feminism that portray the female as a victim of the male.

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