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The Attractive Male Personality

The attractive personality is one that creates positive tension within others and then does not break the tension but escalates and moves others towards women towards sex where the tension is released. This is the pattern of the attractive personality. Personality meaning that it is internalized within the communication and behavioral pattern of the individual. This attractive personality pattern is manifested in cocky & teasing communication and behavior. You use the positive tension/polarity created by cocky/teasing communication and behavior to get her to chase you which is associated with attraction. You don’t chase her or provide certainty to break the tension. Eliminate the need for certaintly and approval seeking in the relationship and allow her to experience the full range of her emotions rather than trying to control them. This is what is referred to as being “cool”.


Ultimately, the attractive personality is a challenge for a woman and allows for uncertainty which spikes her emotionality allowing her to feel the full range of her emotionality and causes her to chase you. There will be congruency tests to see if you are certainty seeking or approval seeking, but simply remain cocky & teasing with her and she will continue to chase and you physically lead towards sex. This personality becomes magnetic, attracting all women to you that you interact with. Personality drives emotional tension (i.e. good feelings) in the girl.


Tease in a serious voice directly to make her think you are being serious while leaving a shadow of a doubt. That she cannot fully tell if you are kidding. An example of would be to find sexual innuendo in everything and tease about it. Women love to talk about sex and male/female dynamics. Don’t smile with teeth and don’t laugh as you want to build the emotional tension and not release it. Keep a straight face; smiling and laughing releases the tension. Women love to tease and be teased.


Remember, we are not trying to be friendly and rapport seek, we are trying to playfully break rapport so that we categorize the interaction as sexual rather than friendship. You do not want her as a friend; it is either a lover or nothing and you interact accordingly. This gives you an edge and displays to her that you are strong and able to operate in a context of uncertainty and emotional tension which she finds very attractive.


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