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Emotional tension = attraction. As such we are going to want to spike emotional tension, maintain it without decreasing it, and then lead the interaction towards sex.


Women like to sleep with men who are better than them so it is important to demonstrate high value. High value for the male is alpha.


There is attraction when she becomes interested about you as a man and potential romantic and/ or sexual interest.  As a man.  Not as a friend.


For women, attraction is a continuous process rather than a yes/no. Women are interested in looks to some degree, but they are way more interested in how you make them feel. If you can make them feel emotional tension, they will love you for it. Understand that without even seeing it you are making her feel great inside and that the emotional tension is there when you display cocky/teasing behavior (i.e. attractive personality).


Women unconsciously want a man that is in control of himself, his reality, and them, even if they never consciously admit it. They feel safe and loved in this way.


Attraction isn’t a choice. It’s hardwired into the brain of the female to be triggered when you display male archetypal behavior. As such, when you display male archetypal behavior, you can simply assume that she is attracted even if she doesn’t verbally say it. Then you simply lead the interaction to and through sex.


Don’t Release the Emotional Tension Except Through Sex

Don’t feel the need to provide certainty to remove the emotional tension. Emotional tension is released through sex. Use the uncertainty to stoke and maintain emotional tension. Emotional tension is value to her so allow her room to experience the full spectrum of her emotionality.


Signs of Attraction


She tries to continue the conversation when you stop talking

She giggles

She touches you

She plays with / tosses her hair.

She asks you for your name or any other personal questions (e.g., age, where you live).

She is laughing, smiling, and/or holding eye contact with you

She teases you back



What makes a woman or girl unattractive is alpha (i.e. masculinity). Alpha is another word for masculinity and is the gender archetype for the male. Alpha is how males become high value and how females become low value. What makes a woman or girl attractive is beta (i.e. femininity). Beta is another word for femininity and is the gender archetype for the female. Beta is how females become high value and how males become low value. The important thing to note is that attractiveness/attraction is not just about physical beauty though this is important; it is about philosophy and reasoned behavior (consistent with gender archetypes) that make for an attractive woman or girl.


Attraction is the spiking and sustainment of bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure). Attraction is not a choice. Attraction is a result of being in the presence of a gender archetype. One can demonstrate the gender archetype physically or behaviorally. Demonstrating high value is done by demonstrating alpha for the male. This amounts to behaving in a confident and cocky manner coupled with teasing and playful behavior.


Attraction is not a choice. Bioelectricity drives human behavior.


Break rapport playfully and then assume attraction letting the positive polarity do the work.

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