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The Secret of Love Dynamics

The positive tension model is the key to love dynamics

Are you tired of watching the girl of your dreams lose interest

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Learn the Secret of True Love

Positive tension & polarity are the key to love dynamics

Never lose a girl again

Learn the difference between love game and pickup game

Learn how to make love ubiquitous

Whether you are isngle or in a relationship


The Love University Story

Once upon a time, there was a successful student and passionate learner that just couldn’t seem to keep the girl. After much suffering while watching others succeed in love, he desired to learn the science of love in order to stop his suffering of love loss. The problem was that there is plenty of content on both ends of the spectrum; pickup books and books that that echo what your mom told you about love, sacrifice and empathy. Both of these missed the mark and do not clearly define the dynamics of true love. So he spend the next decade researching, experimenting and building the science of love dynamics.

Love Dynamics

Foundations of Love: Gender Normative

The foundation of true love rests upon gender. This topic arose to address the need to create a branch of gender studies (social science) dedicated to the study of the biological & evolutionary genders, male and female. There should be a branch of gender studies known as Gender Normative Studies. Gender studies on university campuses has been and is merely a front for feminism. This disenfranchises the masculine male and the feminine female from developing themselves and understanding their place in the world. With masculine and feminine studies, we advocate that a body of knowledge be used as a tool to understand the normative as it relates to both the male and the female, namely a masculine male and a feminine female.

We should apply the normative or prescriptive as it relates to gender. Namely the male being masculine and the female being feminine.

Paradigm: Positive Tension Model

This topic arose to address a definite need to create a branch of gender studies (social science) dedicated to the study of male female dynamics. This branch should be known as Love Dynamics. Gender studies on university campuses has mainly looked at male female dynamics from a purely sex perspective. This leaves the individual with little understanding of how the sex actually comes about and what the sex itself is directed towards, namely true love.

Additionally, after surveying the field of relationship books, I discovered that there was not much literature on how to get and stay in love. As such, I decided to create a book myself and this is that book.

Process: Game Models: Pickup Game & Love Game

Love dynamics is the study of human interaction as it relates to attraction, escalation, sex, dating & love.

The task of the male is to have sex become ubiquitous.

Love dynamics can be broken down between:

  1. Pickup Game
  2. Love Game

The Game Model depicted below shows the relationship between pickup game and love game with the link being the same night lay.

It is important to differentiate between pre-relationship game, known as pickup game, and post-relationship game, known as love game. We will be exploring both models in this section of the book starting with pickup game and ending with love game.

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